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1) KARASUBA IS INTO SNUFF Obviously, this is mostly going to be played out against NPCs, but IF YOU GO "what the hell, sure, I don't mind if my character's killed -- it'll be a good excuse to give them a status effect from the labs" or whatever AND WANT SOMEONE TO DO IT I'M YOUR GIRL. Or if you just want to treat me, whatever. We can talk.

2) Karasuba seems very nice and can HIDE her violent tendencies, but when she wants to kill, she will walk into an alleyway and shank some poor random bitch. if you try to fight her, you might trigger one of these fits. Considering all three of her power rankings (speed, technique, and power) are ranked at a 6 out of 5 on a scale used for super-powered aliens and not normal humans, she's also kind of a godmoder.

SO IF EITHER OF THESE ARE LIKELY TO COME UP, ie, if you're giving off a killing aura or instigating fights, please talk to me. Also, if you want to work out something for Karasuba to do to your character, or worry she MIGHT go crazy on you or whatever, talk to me! In the comments here is fine, or I'm available 99% of the time by email or (less often) by gchat.

ETA: Obviously I was tired last night I JUST WANT TO MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR that I will never ever assume it's okay to kill your character! I assume a "no" and put this up for a go-ahead /o/ And even when someone has given me the go ahead in here, I will always try to contact that person. Death by Karasuba is entirely opt-in, not opt-out, baby. I BASICALLY WANTED TO PUT THIS POST UP SO THAT IF ANYONE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUN TO GET THEIR CHARACTER KILLED I WOULD KNOW AND WE COULD WORK SOMETHING OUT \o/
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Character Name: Karasuba
Series: Sekirei
Point in canon: Current canon (chapter 77 or so)
Character Background and Personality: You know how every series has the smiley rapist who might pin you to the wall while demanding you get strong enough to defeat them?

In Sekirei, Karasuba is that smiley rapist.

One of the first Sekirei -- Number 04 -- Karasuba was originally part of the death squad first formed by the human scientists raising them, to protect the Sekirei when several human armies tried to invade their island. She slaughtered many, many people in an excessively hands-on way. Most of the originals had... some issues with what they were asked to do on the death squad and ended up dispersing not too much later. Karasuba is the only member who stayed through several iterations of it, and is still a member -- current leader -- in the modern day where it's now known, more politely, as the "Disciplinary Committee". There, as the infamous "Black Sekirei", she makes it her business to slaughter anyone breaking the rules of the 'Sekirei Plan' (which has the goal of pitting Sekirei against Sekirei until one is left standing), slaughter anyone trying to leave the city, and slaughter anyone she damn well feels like slaughtering.

She seems, most of the time, like a very cheerful, smiley, easy-going person. She has some quirks and obsessions with certain girls -- first Yume, a fellow disciplinary committee member of the past whom she liked to tease a little; see, Yume was kind of a love-oriented "let's save them all" type, while Karasuba liked to heap up corpses then blame Yume for not being there to stop her. Healthy! Well, Yume mysteriously~ passed her soul onto a young Sekirei, Musubi, who is cheerful and dumb and Karasuba has, henceforth, become obsessed with as well. Mu-chan~.

Still, there are rules to abide by, so while she might slaughter all sorts of people, she challenges them properly and politely before bathing in their blood, listens to her rich Ashikabi whenever she's not ordering him around instead, plans to face Musubi in the final stage of the Sekirei Plan, and, basically, is a good sport about the whole Sekirei Plan thing.

If the sport's "bloodsport", anyway.

Sexual Orientation: She's almost certainly bisexual, in that everyone in Sekirei is at least bisexual-leaning. But she definitely prefers girls over boys. Though it's ... hard to check opportunity for her liking men in canon, as her ashikabi's homosexual. However, while talking about Karasuba's sexuality, there's... really something I should mention.

Karasuba is into snuff.

BY THIS I MEAN, getting turned on makes her want to kill because killing does it for her. Fights also turn her on, so this problem can tend to resolve itself quickly! But. I really do feel I should mention because nothing excites her like a good brutal murder.


Sample Post:

Karasuba listened to the announcement and nodded along, smiling. It sounded reasonable, really! Not necessarily her preference -- given a choice between the two, she'd rather be doing something exciting like fighting instead of just having actual sex -- but she had always prided herself on being adaptable to new and surprising circumstances.

"Well, well," she said aloud, stretching. "Let's see what it's like here, shall we?"

Her clothes were nearby, and she shrugged into them without losing her smile. It was kind of them to provide them again, given the circumstances! Why, she was sure that a more heartless group would have sent her out naked and -- she shivered, smiling as she picked up her sword from where someone had carefully propped it -- helpless.

She headed out towards the carefully marked exit, and leaned against the back of the lift, eyes half-lidded. Wouldn't it be interesting if some of the others showed up? She mused. Poor Natsuo would be in shock if he showed up with his other two girls, because they wouldn't go easy on him the way she would in a place like this, but it would be fun to watch. And if Mu-chan showed up... well... she could think of a lot of things she'd like to do.

Stepping out into the city air, she shivered.

"Haha," she said, and began to walk off, sword held in one hand, one thumb on the hilt -- ready to draw. "Look at me, so excited already! I wonder what sort of people are already around here to play with, then."